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Real World Social Media Training

Time is money, and if you’re investing time in social, surely you want a return on that investment?

Let me be clear, this is not just another generic social media training course you will find anywhere else. This is not a gimmick and it is not a special “hack”! This is a genuine opportunity to learn how to succeed with Facebook by opening the doors of my social media agency to you.

Hi, my name is Desré Tate and I’m the Co-Founder of Blue Flame Social Media.

Over the last 10 years, I personally have over 100,000 posts created, posted and managed (and counting), ads and strategy for hundreds of businesses, both big and small, across multiple industries and over a million dollars in ad spend under my belt and I’ll be sharing exactly what I’ve learnt with you.

This is essentially my IP from 10 years experience.

Personally Endorsed By

“Highly recommend the in-house training. Desre’s in-depth understanding of Facebook business manager with its many nuances was exceptional. We took great value from the sessions, so much so that two participants said it was the most enjoyable and useful training they’d ever received.”

— Gavin Merriman | Head of Digital

Course Details

XXX videos over a total duration of XX hours, covering XXX topics, will take you through every single element of Facebook management and marketing you’ll need to succeed no matter your situation or background.

This complete course simplifies how and what my dedicated Facebook managed social media agency does to drive success for our clients.

What you’ll learn is how we do it – what a professional social media agency does to generate success for their clients, what you specifically should be doing, and how to do it.


A critical element that is almost always overlooked!
I will cover all the basics of page setup, page settings, general housekeeping, understanding Insights, your overall Facebook presence and social media policies etc.


This where experience and the ‘art’ of social comes into play! I will cover such topics as how to post, types of post, when to post, relating to your audience, personas, voice consistency, content, the Facebook algorithm and general strategy.


This is a big one! I will cover all elements of a successful campaign including such topics as ad creation, implementation, split testing, re-targeting, the Facebook Pixel, how to optimise, scaling and funnelling.


This is your command centre and home of all your social assets! I will ensure you understand it, can or have set it up correctly and show you how to navigate your way around.


Learn the golden rules we abide by! As we progress through the training, you’ll pick up lot’s of general hints, tips and tricks that come from a decade of experience ‘at the coal face’.


Upon completion, you will have full command over your Facebook presence! You will be able to drive engagement, create solid marketing campaigns and consistently achieve a return on investment.

Results That Speak Volumes

It’s always a great feeling when a client gives me $1 and I give them back $24 – that’s a ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of over 2,400%! Do you want to know how to do this? I’ll show you.

Results from a retail chain for their e-commerce store:
A luxury hotel enjoying a healthy return:

Take a sneak peek at one of my tutorial videos

Learning Facebook is now easier than ever with my step-by-step tutorial videos. I’ve developed a learning sequence to that will teach you why as well as how – giving you a more in-depth knowledge of Facebook.

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Specifically built for…

Business Owners And SME’s

This course will tell you how to create awareness of your product, service or brand, how to drive engagement, how to market via Facebook Ads and most importantly, drive a return on investment.

Students And Job Seekers

My course will help you secure the job or internship you’re after by giving you more knowledge than a considerable amount of digital agencies have in their entire team. Trust me on that one!

Media And Marketing Professionals

If you’re looking to upskill or fill in a few blanks in your knowledge base, this will do just that. The course has been broken down to enable you to pick and choose the topics you need help with.

My Story

My first major success story was in photography, coming from obscurity in 2001 through to being one of the world’s leading and most recognised white water sport photographers by 2004. Indeed, the most published white water sports photographer in North America for two years in a row and the very first female to ever win the Red Bull Illume in 2007, taking out two awards – Lifestyle and Athlete’s Choice.

In 2008, I began promoting and marketing Red Bull and Teva athletes via a relatively new online medium that was only 4 years old – Facebook! My knowledge and experience grew and developed until my husband and I started Blue Flame Social Media in 2011.

It was only in the middle of 2018 that I decided to begin teaching with a considerable number of business owners, students and marketing executives immediately seizing the opportunity to learn from me. With my time now very much in demand, I have created this social media training course to open up my knowledge and experience to an even bigger audience, enabling more people the opportunity to excel with Facebook.

Why Take This Course

When it comes to Facebook, ignorance costs you dollars and most people ‘don’t know what they don’t know’. So, I have specifically designed this course to be a simplified version of everything we do here at my agency. If you were to bring your business to us, this is essentially a guide to what we would do to make it a success.

If you’ve been fishing around for a social media training course…

…one thing I have noticed is, through all the available social media training seminars, half day training courses and so forth out there, no one gets to the real nitty gritty. For example, one of the most classic lines I keep hearing is “To increase engagement, create more engaging posts that are more appealing to your audience”. Well, what the hell does that look like and how does that help you?

You’ll notice there’s plenty of guru’s out there offering to help you with your Facebook Ads, some are legitimately fantastic stuff, others maybe not so, but no one seems to want to discuss the management of the page – the true art! What about post strategy, conflict resolution, running competitions and hashtag use etc? I’ll tell you everything you need to know. After all, Page Management is a critical part of any successful Facebook campaign.

As things change rapidly in this industry, I’ll keep the course updated so you can be across everything new and how it may affect your campaigns.

Are you ready?

My Experience Is Vast And Varied

I have worked with names big and small and both are equally important to me. Here’s a peek at some of them…

Global Brands

ASX Listed Companies

National Brands

SME’s & Independents

My Agency Is Endorsed By

“Blue Flame were appointed to manage and grow our existing Facebook page at the end of 2014. They have played an instrumental role in executing our social media strategy since then. Together we have achieved exceptional engagement results and significant increases in our Brands’ fan base. Australia is now our top performing international region [above 50 other countries]. They are a proactive team of social media experts who display the highest levels of professionalism at all times, the team are an absolute pleasure to work with. Your commitment and dedication to our brand is commendable, thank you!”

— Geraldine Van Der Merwe | National Marketing Manager of Baskin-Robbins Australia


Do you offer one-on-one consultations?

Upon purchasing a Premium Membership, you are entitled to a one-on-one 30 minute video consultation with me. You can book your session at any time via your course dashboard. If you wish to get the most from this session, I recommend waiting until you’ve completed the course or the specific sections you required so we can get through as many questions as possible.

Is the course accredited?

No. Accreditation currently takes six months within Australia. Getting course accreditation for other countries we serve is a logistical nightmare. As the social media industry moves so fast, by the time this course could gain accreditation, it would already be out of date. That’s why there are not many accredited social media courses about and why you’ll find them very generic and light on detail. This course has been designed to give you real world, workable knowledge that is updated as it happens.

What are your terms of use and privacy policy?

Please take a look at our Standard Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for details.

What's your refund policy?

Once you purchase a membership, as stated in our Terms & Conditions, payments are non-refundable.

What do I need to access the course?

If you are accessing this web page, you already have the hardware you need. My video training comes with supporting documentation so you’ll need to know how to download/save and open PDF’s. Make sure you have access to a reliable and relatively fast internet connection to enjoy the video modules without interruption.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. We also support PayPal as an alternative payment method.

Can I change plans at any time?

Upgrades or downgrades are unfortunately unavailable at present.

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